NYPD probed Jewish group after threats against rabbi

The New York Police Department investigated Kahane Chai, a militant Jewish group, for threats against Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, but the rabbi said he was never informed about the investigation or told that his life might be in danger.

Discovered in a recent probe of the NYPD’s intelligence division, the investigation of the group was requested by Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, and began in the late 2000s after anti-Boteach comments were posted on Kahane.org, according to documents obtained by the online Jewish magazine Tablet.

“He commits incessant chilluley hashem and for that … deserves death,” a website moderator on Kahane.org wrote in 2007, using the Hebrew term for desecration of the name of God.  “Someone shoot Shmuley Boteach,” the individual wrote a year later.

The NYPD launched a terrorism enterprise investigation, enabling it to use informants and undercover officers to monitor Kahane Chai, which the State Department designated as a terrorist group in 1994. No charges were ever filed against the Kahane network or individuals.

Boteach, a celebrity rabbi who wrote “Kosher Sex” and ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year from New Jersey, said he was never informed of the threats. — jta