Interfaith Family offers bnai mitzah prep sessions

An eight-session online workshop for interfaith parents of children preparing for b’nai mitzvah will begin Oct. 25.

Offered by InterfaithFamily/Bay Area, the course also includes two in-person gatherings in the Bay Area at a fun location to be determined.

Geared for interfaith parents who have a children in grades four through seven,  the sessions explore the major aspects of the ceremony and experience, including history of the ritual, meaning of Torah, ways to put the “mitzvah” back in the bar/bat mitzvah, Shabbat worship, and how to explain this milestone and its significance to family members and friends who are not Jewish.

Cost is $54 per couple.  Classes run through Dec. 13. For more information, contact  Marilyn Wacks at (415) 878-1998 or visit www.interfaith