Protesters: Dont give to N.Y. federation

A group of 50 to 75 protesters gathered outside the UJA-Federation of New York’s building on Sept. 12 to burn their checks to UJA and call on Jews to stop donating to the federation until it establishes new guidelines that prevent the funding of anti-Israel activity.

JCC Watch, which partnered with Americans for a Safe Israel on the rally, previously staged protests outside the 92nd Street Y in New York over the Y’s invitation of anti-Israel celebrity speakers, including former Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters and author Alice Walker.

Those rallies called on the UJA-Federation — which commits $900,000 annually to the 92nd Street Y — to establish new funding guidelines on Israel; JCC Watch has now refocused its efforts to call for a stoppage of donations to UJA-Federation itself.

“We have a pattern of forces within the UJA-Federation diverting charitable dollars to further political purposes, and these purposes are anti-Israel,” said JCC Watch head Richard Allen.

The UJA-Federation declined to comment. —