TV imitates real life in new sitcom The Goldbergs

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Cast of “The Goldbergs”

Adam F. Goldberg still remembers how his father used to come home from work, promptly unbuckle his trousers, drop them by the front door and then declare “the TV’s mine,” before parading around the house in his tighty whities.

In lieu of car keys when Goldberg was a teenager, his mother gave him a locket with her picture inside it, “so you can always have your mother close to your heart,” she told him. His response was a version of “ewww.”

And when Goldberg once stalled the family’s car while learning to drive, his father advised the other drivers, “Go around; he’s a moron!”

Goldberg — who picked up his family’s camcorder when he was 5 and seldom put it down — captured all his clan’s mishegas on videotape, which he has mined to create his new autobiographical sitcom, “The Goldbergs,” premiering Tuesday, Sept. 24 on ABC.

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“The Goldbergs” premieres at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24 on KGO Channel 7.

Naomi Pfefferman

L.A. Jewish Journal