Don’t celebrate about Iran yet

Jews around the world should not get too excited about the Iranian president’s recent statement which conceded that the Holocaust was “reprehensible.” That’s like being thrilled to hear someone say that the sky is blue when the sun shines.

Rouhani’s predecessor Ahmadinejad was an embarrassment to his country and people. That was also obvious. The fact that Iran’s leadership finally decided to sound normal is no cause for celebration. What is needed is for them to act accordingly. So far there is no sign at all of that happening.

Desmond Tuck   |   San Mateo


‘Two states’ is not a solution


Michael Cooper wonders how I could possibly have the chutzpah to disagree with the likes of Yitzhak Rabin and several former Shin Bet chiefs over their support for the two-state “solution” (Letters, Sept. 27). Well, it’s easy. Just look at the results that Israel’s pursuit of the two-state idea have achieved since the Oslo agreement was signed 20 years ago.

Peace is as distant as ever, not because Israel hasn’t made enough concessions, but because the Palestinians have never been sincere about peace, as shown by their nonstop incitement, their glorification of terrorism and their educating their own children only for war.

The reality is that a peaceful solution to the conflict simply does not exist. If Jews want to live in the Promised Land, they’ll have to fight for that right. Some may think we can’t win that fight and must do everything possible to avoid it. But if we abide by the core principles of our faith, and acknowledge that the world is governed by God rather than Man, and seek to do only that which is right in His sight, we’ll have every expectation of prevailing over our foes, despite their greater numbers.

Martin Wasserman   |   Sunnyvale


Correction would make an even better choice

While my firm, ELM Advisors, is honored to have received a Readers’ Choice award for financial services, I was incorrectly referred to as a CPA. Rather, I am a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Thank you in advance for acknowledging this publication error.

Lorne Abramson, CFA, CFP   |   Burlingame


Mazel tov to Team Oracle

Congratulations are in order to my “friend” Larry Ellison as his boat recently completed one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports. Behind 8-3 and needing six consecutive wins to keep the America’s Cup in the USA, his Oracle team accomplished that. In my mind, only the victory of the tortoise over the hare is comparable.

Rabbi Simcha A. Green   |   Berkeley




Last week J. reported that an appeal to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors regarding the proposed expansion of Gan Noe Preschool had been dropped. Through mediation, the general terms of the appeal were agreed to by both parties, but the appeal had in fact not been dropped.