No Jewish character in ‘Don Jon’

Clearly, whoever wrote the article “ ‘Don Jon’ oversexed, and racist too?” (Oct. 4) had not seen the film “Don Jon,” starring, written by and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Apparently, assertions by a raucous but irrelevant press release organization, the Italian American One Voice Coalition, just get posted, unexamined and unchallenged. Why would you print erroneous claims without seeking another comment?

In fact, there are no Jewish characters in this film. Barbara Sugarman, the character erroneously called Jewish, is wearing a cross in most of the scenes.

Manny Alfano, founder of the Italian American One Voice Coalition, fusses about stereotypes whenever he thinks he can get attention. How does an Italian American portrayal, whether he finds it offensive or not, come to be considered a “racist” portrayal?

Sally Solomon   |   Los Angeles


We must protect Israel


I’m pleased by your Sept. 27 editorial (“Don’t trust and above all, verify like heck”) advocating skepticism about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s U.N. General Assembly pretentious speech of peace and implicit abandonment of nuclear arming.

Finally, you demonstrate love and protection of Israel. Do not waver.

Quentin L. Kopp   |   San Francisco


Iran’s chicanery


When Iran’s President Rouhani was that country’s chief negotiator at the U.N., he bragged that he fooled the West by claiming Iran had no nuclear weapon ambition. Afterwards he boasted Iran had progressed greatly in producing centrifuges toward this goal, buying crucial time while the West trusted his claims.

So now our President Obama reaches out to this same Rouhani in another “negotiation.” But never fear. If Iran’s president should try to fool us this time, I’m sure Mr. Obama will set a clear-cut “Red Line” of trust. And who would dare cross that?

Scott Abramson   |   San Mateo


Two-state solution is folly


Talk about a two-state solution avoids discussing the facts on the ground.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas, which is not part of any negotiations and doesn’t even give lip service to recognizing Israel, as does the Palestinian Authority.

Gaza is a Palestinian state right now. It is cut off geographically and politically from the West Bank. Even if Israel and the Palestinian Authority could reach an agreement, it would not bind Hamas, which still has thousands of rockets.

With Hezbollah retaining the capability to attack Israel with missiles and the chaos in Syria, an agreement between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli government will have little effect on Israel’s security.

Recent events in the Middle East underscore the point that the Israel-Arab conflict is not the key to peace in the region. With much of the Islamic world dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the idea of a two-state solution being Israel’s savior is pure fantasy. It avoids the critical issues on the ground and is based on a mistaken belief that if Israel made concessions then the Arabs would recognize Israel.

Anyone who listens to Hamas and Hezbollah knows this is not going to happen.

Gil Stein   |   Aptos