Y.U. teacher with abuse conviction is dismissed

Yeshiva University terminated Akiva Roth, a recently hired teacher, after his past sexual misconduct came to light.

Roth, 42, who started as a Hebrew teacher this term at Yeshiva College, had pleaded guilty to four counts of abuse against boys he tutored for their bar mitzvahs in 1997. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

“Mr. Roth is no longer employed by the University,” said a statement released Oct. 11. To the university’s knowledge, “he has not engaged in any inappropriate conduct during his time at YU.”

The university admitted that it had “erred” by allowing Roth to begin teaching before his background check was completed.

“Yeshiva University will continue to re-evaluate its hiring processes and work to close any gaps in our procedure,” the statement said.

Prior to the hiring of Roth, the university had been at the center of controversy after alumni filed a lawsuit alleging years of sexual abuse by multiple faculty members. — jta