Israeli policeman indicted in death of teenager

An Israel Border Police officer was indicted in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Palestinian.

The officer, who was not named, was charged Nov. 24 in Jerusalem District Court with manslaughter in the May shooting during Nakba Day protests in the West Bank.

He has been ordered held in prison until the end of the proceedings. He was arrested on Nov. 12.

The indictment charges the officer with using a live bullet to disperse Palestinian rioters rather than rubber bullets, leading to the death of Nadim Nuwara. The policeman has said he used rubber bullets.

The bullet that killed Nuwara reportedly matches the officer’s rifle. An autopsy performed in a Palestinian hospital reportedly showed that the teen was killed by live fire.

Palestinian teens threw rocks at Israeli soldiers and Border Police during the protest near the Ofer Prison in the Ramallah area. A second Palestinian teen also died that day.

On the annual Nakba Day, or “the catastrophe,” Palestinians mourn the creation of Israel and the ensuing displacement of their people. — jta