Poetry | last minyan

First Edition features new original works by Northern California Jewish writers. Appearing the first issue of each month, it includes a poem and an excerpt from a novel or short story.


seven day sit

sink toward a future

prepared for

so long

not known then

how hollow death

not known yet how

full life

shrouded in dark

bright flowers surround

the essence of memory

wave of music over



          Blessed spirit, beloved by those he touched.

choose Indian black

granite, rectangular slab

sized by cemetery rules

Jewish star italicized

Roman font then

etch in eternity

Barbara Joan Tiger Bass received her MFA from Mills College and her BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Her poetry is published in print and online journals including Indigo Rising, Spillway and San Diego Poetry Annual. She is a creative writing teacher and coach in Oakland.

Works may be submitted to fiction editor Ilana DeBare at [email protected] or poetry editor Joan Gelfand at [email protected] Fiction excerpts may run up to 2,500 words, but only 800 words will appear in the print edition, with the rest appearing online. All prose and poetry published to date can be viewed at jweeklylit.wordpress.com.