Warriors Stephen Curry and his Hebrew tattoo

Stephen Curry’s tattoo on his right wrist photo/jta-vine

When Stephen Curry of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors accepted a congratulatory handshake from LeBron James in the closing seconds of the deciding Game 6 on June 16, fans watching on TV could see it for a fleeting second: something tattooed on Curry’s right wrist.

What was it? A few words written in Hebrew, that’s what!

The tattoo is a line from the New Testament, 1 Corinthians 13:8, which translates to “love never fails.” Curry’s wife, Ayesha, has one to match.

Curry during the NBA Finals photo/jta-getty images-ezra shaw

News of the tattoo caught some buzz in Israel when it was reported last week. Israeli media were all over the finals, mainly because David Blatt, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ coach, is an Israeli citizen who last year coached Maccabi Tel Aviv to a Euroleague title, and who occasionally gave a shout-out to Israel in his post-game comments, but also because Israelis are basketball crazy.

The story behind Curry’s Hebrew tattoo is murky. It might have something to do with his mother, Sonya, who traveled to Israel five years ago. Sonya told Israel’s Sports 5 TV that she was “transformed spiritually” there, inspiring her to learn Hebrew so she could know the language Jesus spoke. She, too, has a Hebrew tattoo, which reads “grace,” on the nape of her neck.

Stephen Curry admitted he can’t even read his own tattoo, but “I’m working on it,” the NBA’s regular-season Most Valuable Player told Sports 5. — j. staff