Two baby goats born on Berkeley Jewish farm

Say hello to the new kids on block.

The block is the one in West Berkeley occupied by the Jewish farm and education center Urban Adamah. And the kids are two males that momma goat Fiona gave birth to at 9:34 p.m. on July 2.

“Both kids are healthy and nursing well,” Urban Adamah wrote in an email this week. “Mom Fiona and dad Niles are overwhelmed with joy.”

Baby goat and little brother at Urban Adamah photo/urban adamah

Adam Berman, executive director of Urban Adamah, said naming rights for the first newborn are already spoken for, but that the name of the younger brother will be chosen via a contest that’s open to the public. To enter, visit

Both names will be revealed at a public baby naming ceremony next month, the email noted. “Please note, there will be no bris,” it added.

Berman said the arrival of the two kids has been quite a happy occasion, as it was the urban farm’s first animal birth. “Well,” he quickly amended, “we have had worm births.”

Goats usually give birth to one, two or three kids at a time, Berman said, and while the babies came from the same womb, they aren’t identical — though technically they are twins. At birth, the older one weighed 6.7 pounds and the younger one 6.4 pounds; no heights were readily available.

Fiona had an easy birth, Berman added. “We were monitoring her very closely, and she was several days past her due date — we think. After she started to give birth, it took us about a half hour before the first people arrived to help, but there wasn’t much to do. It’s a pretty self-contained process.”

While there will be no bris, one has to wonder if in 13 years there will be a joint baaa mitzvah. — andy altman-ohr

Andy Altman-Ohr

Andy Altman-Ohr was J.’s managing editor and Hardly Strictly Bagels columnist until he retired in 2016 to travel and live abroad. He and his wife have a home base in Mexico, where he continues his dalliance with Jewish journalism.