Wedding registries for casual lifestyles

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, but it does require extensive planning.

That often includes setting up a wedding-gift registry, with items that reflect how you really live. While traditional gifts such as fine china, silverware and crystal are still favorites, when it comes to the kitchen, wedding registries “are trending toward more casual, hip and high-tech kitchenware, such as nonstick woks instead of chafing dishes and iced tea makers instead of tea pots,” says Peter Giannetti, editor-in-chief of HomeWorld Business.

“Also, registries are not as bride-centric as they used to be,” he said. “With both brides and grooms involved, gifts such as high-tech coffee centers and growlers for craft beer are becoming more popular.”

Selecting gifts at a variety of price points is both good etiquette and good strategy. Big-ticket items give guests the opportunity for a grand gesture and also make great group gifts. Be sure to include moderately priced items that are appealing and distinctive, so that everyone can feel good about what they give. For many, it is more satisfying to give something that’s special and specific, rather than one small piece for a set.

Populating today’s registries:

The beer growler is becoming a new must-have for those who favor locally brewed craft beer, while also wanting to lead eco-friendly lifestyles that avoid the waste of excess disposable packaging.

Pepper and salt mills are focal points on the counter or the table, in addition to being everyday essentials.

The wok has evolved into a versatile pan for quickly prepared meals with fresh ingredients. Look for a high-quality nonstick wok engineered to professional grade standards.

Coffee makers have long appeared on registries, but professional-style coffee bars are available for the home as well. — brandpoint media.