Argentine director wins top award

“Wild Tales,” by the Jewish Argentine director Damian Szifron, won for best movie and Szifron for best director at the Oscars equivalent for Iberoamerica.

“Wild Tales,” which includes Jewish characters and details taken from Szifron’s life, was the most awarded film at the second annual “Premios Platino,” or Platinum Awards, held July 18 in Marbella, Spain. Iberoamerica comprises Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

The film, which had received the most nominations, was recognized as well for best script, music, art direction and sound effects.

Szifron, 40, began studying direction at the ORT high school in Buenos Aires, where he specialized in media studies. “Wild Tales”was nominated in the foreign-language film category at the 2014 Academy Awards.

Another candidate for best director and best movie was “Mr. Kaplan,” by the Uruguayan director Alvaro Brechner, which tells the story of an elderly Jewish man who tries to kidnap a man he believes is a Nazi fugitive, with the intention to ship him to Israel for trial. The film is screening Aug. 2 and Aug. 7 in the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.