Student under fire for Holocaust comments

An elected student member of Sacramento’s community college district is drawing criticism over his published Holocaust comments that one district official called abhorrent and contrary to history.

Student trustee Cameron Weaver was quoted in a student newspaper as questioning the number of Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps.

“Now I’m definitely not gonna go out and venture and say anything like ‘Oh, [the] Holocaust didn’t happen.’ There are tons of people that make that argument. And from a really non-biased perspective, I completely disagree, but I also completely agree. What I mean when I say both is I don’t know the answer,” Weaver told the Current, the newspaper at his school, American River College.

Weaver, 26, also suggested that some percentage of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust actually died during earlier religious persecution.

The Current reported that Los Rios Community College board president Dustin Johnson said in an email to the paper that Weaver’s comments were “troubling, misguided and abhorrent” and “contrary to established historic and scientific facts.” Los Rios covers four junior colleges in the Sacramento area.

Barbara Harvey, the Web editor of the Current, said the story has sparked talk of a recall. She told the Sacramento Bee that an  interview with Weaver for a basic profile took a turn when he started talking about 9/11 and conspiracy theories.

Weaver is in his third year at American River College. He is paid an $8,500 stipend as student trustee. Weaver sent a letter to trustees saying the story didn’t reflect his views. — ap & j. staff