Secular Humanist Jews and Ted Nugent.

(Is It) Good for the Jews?

Episode #87: “Secular Humanist Jews… and Ted Nugent.”

This week, Rosen learns that inspiration comes in many colors, be it an enthusiastic theater-goer or the political guy at work. And yet, should we forgive Motor City Madman Ted Nugent for his anti-semitic gun control rant? Goldbrener has some interesting thoughts on this subject and on Hello Mazel’s “boxes of Jewy goodness,” leading us to this week’s question:

Are secular humanist Jews good for the Jews?

Rosen plays devil’s advocate: why do you need a temple if you don’t believe in God? Goldbrener explains how to be both an atheist and a Jew, and displays a singular disgust for haters of all stripes. Whether Godful or Godless, the message is clear: “Don’t lose your humanity,” even if you are constantly surrounded by music you hate.