Is Amy Schumers potentially offensive tweet good for the Jews

(Is It) Good for the Jews?

Episode #91: “Rosen bottoms out; Schumer offends?”

Two weeks into his wife’s business trip, Rosen is working his way back from the bottom. He’s shaved, showered and ready to discuss the richest Jew in the world, Soda Stream and Goldbrener’s love for a hermit-like existence. It’s all a warm-up, though, to the main event, which asks:

Is Amy Schumer’s potentially offensive tweet good for the Jews?

Among the issues brought up: anti-semitism, “it’s a black thing,” the origins of the outrageous legend that says Jews have horns. Also, biblical translation errors, Michaelangelo, the Middle Ages, kangaJews, Jackie Mason imitations, the power of repurposing stereotypes and Schumer’s tendency to work blue.