Passover at Disneyworld.

(Is It) Good for the Jews?

EPISODE #96: “Passover at Disneyworld.”

Passover is upon us, so we’d be bad Jews were we to ignore it for this week’s show. You’ll have to slog through examinations of the Mid-Century Modern design and lifestyle, Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Catera’s bar mitzvah, various Jewish celebrities and a new “screw that guy,” but eventually we will ask a question of paramount importance, namely:

is a Disneyworld Passover good for the Jews?

Magicians! Hypnotists! Puppet shows! Comedians and musicians! Mickey, Minnie and the Haunted Mansion! Does this sound like Passover to you? How about a semi-private Seder at a resort in Scottsdale? It works for Joe Fogel. Would it work for you?