Good for the Jews: Flat tires, poker, folk music, Chabon.

(Is It) Good for the Jews?

EPISODE #99: Good for the Jews: “Flat tires, poker, folk music, Chabon.”

Author Michael Chabon will not be ignored (by this podcast), but first: Rosen fears he has a flat tire and a broken hand and a busy Goldbrener has no time for poker. There is no “English Bob Dylan,” and the refrigerator in the bathroom is actually a coffee station in the office. Rosen is offended both by Orthodox Jews who refuse innoculations and the Trophy Wife Contract; all appetizers for this week’s main course:

if a bunch of writers visit the West Bank, is that good for the Jews?

Chabon and co. were shaken by “the worst case of injustice” they’d ever seen, and will be writing a book in response. Is this the kind of “tough love” Israel needs? Or is it a case of American Jews passing judgement based on partial information? And now that they’ve identified a problem (that may or may not have needed identifying), who’s got a solution?

Arthur Miller, Jewish man.