Pro-Israel ads on S.F. buses hit back at boycott ads

StandWithUs ads will run on Muni buses for four weeks.

A pair of pro-Israel ads began a four-week run on San Francisco Muni buses just as ads calling for a boycott of Israel ended their four-week appearance.

The new ads, paid for by StandWithUs, began their run on Aug. 29. One praises the Israel-California cooperation that is “helping to solve the drought and securing our future” and the other proclaims: “No More US Taxes for Palestinian Homophobia, Corruption and Violence.”

According to StandWithUs, the ads will be displayed on 20 Muni buses and are meant to counter the anti-Israel ads from the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign that read, “Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights.” Those ads ran on buses through August.

StandWithUs said it was the eighth time since 2011 that it has countered anti-Israel messages in Northern California.