San Francisco Judaism through Brazilian eyes

The tables were turned on J. earlier this month when we became the subject of someone else’s interview.

Ronaldo Gomlevsky, editor and publisher of Menorah, Brazil’s national Jewish magazine, was in town for 10 days interviewing local Jewish leaders for a special issue devoted to Jewish life in the Bay Area.

He devotes three issues of the monthly magazine each year to Jewish life in a different community: he spends Hanukkah in Israel, Passover in Europe and for Rosh Hashanah he chooses a city in North America.

He’s been doing this since 2000, and so far he’s written about 182 communities in 61 countries, and has taken more than 100,000 photos — a real portrait of 21st-century Jewish life.

The San Francisco edition will be out Wednesday, Sept. 28, in English and, of course, Portuguese. Look for it at — sue fishkoff