(Is it) Good for The Jews, Episode 122: Supercomputers and Steve Bannon

It is a rejuvenated Goldbrener who joins us tonight in the Twilight Lounge, thanks to an exhilarating trip to the San Diego Supercomputer Center, where he did 24 petaflops, returning as a self-described “new man” and schools Rosen about blaming technology for the demise of journalism. In response, Rosen recounts a tale of selfie-taking millennials at the gym before trying, and failing, to convince Goldbrener that he’d missed a visit by Gwyneth Paltrow to the Twilight Lounge and then moving onto this week’s topic, suggested by Listener Mike:

Should Jews be concerned about Steve Bannon?

This began as a Facebook discussion with Rosen dismissing Mike’s concerns, but upon further examination (which includes the word “salient” and multiple mentions of Wired Magazine contributing editor Fred Vogelstein) and an attempt to deconstruct the goals of racist behavior (including a story about a joke told in an old-school bar in Santa Ana), it turns out Bannon is occasion for concern.

Listen here.