the stencil says "my heroes have always killed colonizers"
A stencil at a Nov. 14, 2013 event at San Francisco State University reads "My heroes have always killed colonizers." (Photo/file)

Anti-Semitism at SFSU — enough is enough

Your editorial “The suit charging SFSU with anti-Semitism is sad, but justified” was exactly on point.

At San Francisco State University, hate for Israel apparently justifies terrorizing, threatening and intimidating Jewish students, and the university administration not only won’t protect their rights but actually abets the perpetrators.

At a 2002 Hillel-sponsored peace rally, for instance, pro-Palestinian students shouted at the Jewish attendees: “Hitler didn’t finish the job!” “Get out or we’ll kill you!” and “Go back to Russia!” Similar racist harassment directed at another group wouldn’t be tolerated.

In 2013, SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students provided stencils for making signs saying: “My heroes have always killed colonizers,” meaning Israelis. Meanwhile, GUPS’ president, Mohammad Hammad, posted a picture online of himself holding a knife, captioned: “I love this blade … just holding it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier.” He later called for decapitating a female Israeli soldier, demanded the “decimation of this Israeli plague” and wrote: “Violence is always the answer… Kill them all.” Hammad graduated from SFSU.

SFSU President Leslie Wong subsequently praised GUPS as “an inspiration for me,” adding, “GUPS is the very purpose of this great university.” By contrast, when asked if Zionists were welcome on campus, Wong replied: “Am I comfortable opening up the gates to everyone? Gosh, of course not!”

Last year, when Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat visited SFSU, a mob screamed: “Get the f— off our campus!” “Intifada!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” SFSU administrators let the mob shout down and silence Barkat. And this year, Hillel was deliberately excluded from an SFSU “Know Your Rights” fair.

Enough is enough! The Jewish students fighting anti-Semitism at SFSU deserve our full support.

Stephen A. Silver,
San Francisco

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