Firefighter battles Aug. 7 blaze at Ramah in the Rockies (Photo/Courtesy North Fork Fire Rescue)
A firefighter battles the fire at Ramah in the Rockies, Aug. 7 (Photo/Courtesy North Fork Fire Rescue)

Response to Ramah fire showed power of community

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We were at Camp Ramah in the Rockies last month for our fifth and sixth years, respectively. We were there for the fire and evacuation, and we were disappointed by J.’s article because it talked mainly about one kid’s experience and not about the whole camp’s resiliency.

We think the article should have talked more about what happened during and after the fire, how the camp was able to keep track of over 100 campers and staff at 3 a.m. Even though counselors knew little more than we did, it was incredible to see them doing their best to make the campers feel safe.

We were amazed by the hospitality that the Denver community showed us, especially the Hebrew Educational Alliance for giving us a place to stay. During the whole process, we felt safe and informed.

Also, Camp Ramah managed to save the session and allow kids to continue camp in a new location for the last week. A lot of kids, including us, stayed for the rest of camp, which was continued at the JCC Ranch Camp, outside of Denver, and got to enjoy a different beautiful part of Colorado.

Everyone had a great time, doing many of the same activities that we have at Ramah and some new ones, including a giant mud fight and sleeping outside under the stars. Going through an unsettling experience like the fire brought our bunks and the whole camp together. Finally, the Jewish community in Denver really did a lot to help our camp relocate, and possibly was the reason that a lot of kids got to stay at camp and finish the session.

Our experience during and after this fire made us realize how important community is.

Marshall and Leah Wildmann

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