Ready to 'Rethink' Barbie? Head on over to Hulu.
Ready to 'Rethink' Barbie? Head on over to Hulu.

‘Rethinking Barbie’ doc on Hulu; ‘Big Bang’ winds down; Gal Gadot is very #Important

At the movies

“Tully,” a comedy-drama directed by Jason Reitman, 40, opens on May 4. The script is by Diablo Cody, who also wrote the acclaimed 2007 film “Juno,” which Reitman also directed. Charlize Theron plays Margo, a harried mother of three, including a newborn, who is “gifted” a night nanny by her wealthy brother (Mark Duplass). Hesitant at first to accept his extravagance, Margo ends up forming a special bond with her young nanny, who becomes the confidante and friend that Margo needs (her husband is a largely absent jerk). Reitman is the son of director Ivan Reitman, 71 (“Ghostbusters”), and his wife, French Canadian actress Genévieve Robert, a Jew by choice. Ivan’s parents were Holocaust survivors.

Streaming and a really big ‘Bang’

Now streaming is “The Honeymoon Standup Special,” a Netflix special that stars husband-and-wife stand-up comedians Natasha Leggero, 44, and Oakland native Moshe Kasher, 38. It’s divided into three half-hour segments. Leggero does stand-up alone, Kasher does stand-up alone, and then they amusingly counsel audience couples together. Leggero was about five months pregnant during filming (she gave birth to a girl in February). Much of their shtick relates to the pregnancy. Leggero and Kasher also talk a lot about her conversion to Judaism, including the 14 four-hour conversion classes they attended together. There is a lot of bawdy or edgy humor.

Also streaming on Netflix is “Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity.” This one-hour special combines sketches, stand-up and music to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. The large cast includes Rogen, Nick Kroll, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Goldblum, Ike Barinholtz, Sacha Baron Cohen and Seth’s wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, 35 (Lauren’s mother, now 67, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 55).

The season finale of “The Big Bang Theory” airs on CBS on May 11. It features the highly anticipated wedding of Amy (played by Jewish celeb favorite Mayim Bialik) to Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Of course, the entire regular cast will be in the episode (including Simon Helberg, 37, as Howard; Melissa Rauch, 37, as Bernadette; Kevin Sussman, 47, as Stuart). It’s unclear as of press time whether June Squibb, 88, who has guest starred as Sheldon’s grandma “Meemaw,” will be in the finale.

Also now streaming on Netflix is the film “The Week Of,” an original Netflix comedy. Adam Sandler, 51, plays a devoted middle-class father who is determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding alone, spurning offers of help from the father of the groom (Chris Rock), a wealthy doctor. Rachel Dratch, 52, co-stars as the mother of the bride.

Now streaming on Hulu is the documentary “Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie.” This film about the iconic Barbie doll features interviews with leading cultural critics, including Gloria Steinem, 84, and East Bay resident Peggy Orenstein, 57. No doubt, Barbie’s creator, the late Ruth Handler, will be a big figure in the film.

Most influential Israelis?

Last month Time magazine issued its annual list of the “100 Most Influential People.” It included two Israelis: the actress Gal Gadot, 33, and Adam Neumann, 38, co-founder and CEO of WeWork, an American company that provides innovative shared workspaces. The Time essay lauding him was written by Bay Area businessman and philanthropist Marc Benioff, CEO of San Francisco-based Sales Force.

Neumann, who grew up on a kibbutz, is estimated to have a personal wealth of $2.5 billion. His wife is filmmaker Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, 40, who is Gwyneth Paltrow’s first cousin (Gwyneth’s late Jewish father and Rebekah’s father were brothers). Adam and Rebekah have five children. Last year, Adam, who served in the Israeli navy, told an Israeli news station that he and his family have been observing Shabbat for two years. “During Shabbat I am completely cut off, there is no one to talk to, and I do not compromise about it,” he said. “At first it felt like a tough assignment, but it gives me time with my children, my wife, my friends… And the real magic is that the more I do it, the more successful the company is. Go figure.”

Nate Bloom

Nate Bloom writes the "Celebrity Jews" column for J.