A few pages from this week's issue. You like?
A few pages from this week's issue. You like?

Looking to the future: a new look for our print edition

Yes, this week’s print issue of J. looks a lot different. Spiffier, we think. Easier to read. Easier to find what you’re looking for. (If you don’t yet receive our biweekly print edition, we think it’s worth checking out — and, dare we say, subscribing.)

From the table of contents to the back page, our first print redesign in 15 years boasts a new, more contemporary font, a clear delineation between sections, more prominent photos, an expanded Bay Area section, a bold new calendar section and a host of other, more subtle changes that we are confident will give you a better reading experience.

And that’s what a print publication should do. If it’s not a pleasure to hold in your hands, it’s not doing its job.

This redesign is part of the ongoing process of aligning our print and digital products, as we seek to serve our readers on multiple platforms that complement each other. Last year, we launched our new website, and then we began building out our now-robust social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The community has changed, and we will continue to change with it. That’s why we’ve also added two new e-newsletters and breaking news alerts to better inform our community.

But don’t worry. The new look does not mean we are changing our award-winning content: the Jewish news that matters to our Bay Area Jewish community. The way people access that news may be different today, but the role of a Jewish community media company remains the same — to inform, analyze, advocate and connect, providing a forum for community conversation about vital topics of the day and creating a sense of belonging for a population that is extraordinarily diverse as well as geographically dispersed.

We do this, above all, by telling stories — stories that are well-written, carefully researched and beautifully presented. J. gives readers local news they can’t get elsewhere, from birth announcements and b’nai mitzvah listings to our calendar of events (pick up a copy and check it out on page 24). We report on new trends in Jewish life that start here in the Bay Area and spread nationwide, from interfaith outreach to LGBT inclusion and Jewish environmental activism.

We seek to inspire, with stories of people putting Jewish values to work in the world, pursuing social justice and fighting to end bigotry and anti-Semitism. We let you know about new films and books of Jewish interest; we bring you recipes and Jewish food news. From the high-tech world of Silicon Valley to Israel-diaspora relations, we explain how national and international events affect you here in the Bay Area.

We remain inspired by the generous support we receive from our community. Since we became a 501(c)3 nonprofit a few years ago, more than 3,500 readers and a dozen foundations have made donations to support our work. We are particularly appreciative of the long-term generosity of the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund and the John and Marcia Goldman Foundation, whose seed funding and continued support have been instrumental in underwriting our modernization. We are also grateful to our advertisers who continue to provide more than half our revenue, and to our two Jewish Federations that together provide about 15 percent of our annual budget. And very special thanks are due to you — our loyal readers — who encourage and challenge us and inform everything we do.

Our Jewish community, nearly half a million strong, is the fourth largest in the nation. Its famed quirkiness is matched only by its creativity and innovative energy. As your community publication, we document and celebrate all the wonderful messiness of being Jewish today in the Bay Area, showing us who we are, what we believe and how we hope to move into the future.

Welcome to the new J. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Sue Fishkoff

Sue Fishkoff is the editor emerita of J. She can be reached at [email protected].

Steve Gellman
Steve Gellman

Steve Gellman is the publisher of J. The Jewish News of Northern California.