JCC Sonoma County's Israeli Film Festival will stream "Love in Suspenders" May 11-12.
JCC Sonoma County's Israeli Film Festival will stream "Love in Suspenders" May 11-12.

Sonoma Israeli Film Festival goes online

The Israeli Film Festival presented each May by the JCC of Sonoma County will carry on this month as a virtual film festival.

With the annual festival canceled due to shelter-in-place orders, the JCC has arranged for four films to be streamed online. Instructions to access the films will be sent once tickets are purchased. Individual tickets are $15.75, and a pass for all four films is $52.50. Each film will be streamed for a two-day period.

“The Other Story” is available May 4-5. The drama, by Israeli director Avi Nesher, is about a young woman raised in a secular home who is pulled toward the promised comfort and discipline of religious orthodoxy. Against her family’s wishes, Anat becomes engaged to a former pop star who has converted to Hasidism. The drama unfolds as her family schemes to stop the marriage. At the same time, Anat meets a young Orthodox woman who yearns to go in the opposite direction, enabling insights into both worlds.

On May 11-12, the featured film is “Love in Suspenders,” a romantic comedy about a widow and widower who meet when their cars collide. Neither party was looking for love at the time of the accident, but love finds them. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

On May 18-19, “The Dove Flyer” replaces the originally scheduled “Tel Aviv on Fire.” The historical drama takes place in Iraq in the 1950s, when the Jews of Baghdad are facing an increasingly tenuous existence and accepting the reality that they must leave a land where their ancestors have lived for thousands of years. Against a tumultuous background, 16-year-old Kabi becomes an activist in the Zionist underground, enabling the immigration of Iraq’s Jews to Israel. In Arabic with English subtitles.

On May 25-26, the festival offering is another Nesher-directed film, “Turn Left at the End of the World,” a multicultural tale of Indian and Moroccan immigrants who come to Israel in the late 1960s. Placed together on a settlement in the desert, the two cultures clash as the groups try to integrate, until two girls from opposite sides form a friendship that forces the communities to transcend their differences.