Reutlinger Community CEO Jay Zimmer (left) and Eskaton president Todd Burch (Photo/Dan Pine)
Eskaton president Todd Murch (right) with Reutlinger Community CEO Jay Zimmer (Photo/Dan Pine)

Reutlinger faces a brighter future with affiliation

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In response to Donald Chaiken’s opinion piece about the affiliation between Eskaton and the Reutlinger Community, I offer the following:

The affiliation between Eskaton and the Reutlinger Community (TRC) received all governmental approvals and was determined to be final on April 21, 2020.

The affiliation of the two Northern California nonprofit organizations is one of an increasing trend across the country as single-site senior living providers determine their sustainability to be in jeopardy without the infrastructure and financial support of larger organizations.

The CEO and board of directors of TRC made just such a determination after an extensive evaluation. Following unsuccessful outreach to other Jewish organizations in the state, TRC approached Eskaton, having been aware of Eskaton’s mission, values and reputation. The two organizations entered into affiliation negotiations with the thought of strengthening their combined offerings of housing and services to seniors in the East Bay Area.

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Following due diligence and negotiations, the two organizations executed an affiliation agreement wherein TRC would become an affiliate of Eskaton. The agreement provides that TRC remain a separate corporation, retain its name, and articulates enforceable promises by Eskaton to preserve the Jewish heritage and cultural values of TRC.

On Oct. 4, 2019, TRC provided written notice to the California attorney general of its proposed transaction with Eskaton. As part of the AG’s discovery process, a public hearing was held at TRC to hear both supporting and opposing testimony. Several months later, the AG approved the agreement with certain conditions requiring compliance for a five-year period. The AG approval with conditions is common for affiliations between nonprofit organizations.

The East Bay Area is home to approximately 122,500 Jewish residents, according to the 2018 Portrait of Bay Area Jewish Life and Communities, and the sustainability of communities like TRC is a valuable resource for the Jewish senior population.

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Todd Murch

Todd Murch is the president and CEO of Eskaton, which is based in Carmichael, Sacramento County.