D’li the water bucket (AKA Aquarius), the astrological sign of the Jewish people, in a 1322 German prayerbook.
D’li the water bucket (AKA Aquarius), the astrological sign of the Jewish people, in a 1322 German prayerbook.

Month of Nisan: Resetting our spiritual clocks

Nisan 5781

March 14-April 11, 2021

The Hebrew month of Nisan is “the beginning of months,” one of the Bible’s several new years — and a new start couldn’t come at a better time after a long, wearisome year. Though this Mars/Ma’adimruled month begins just after sundown March 13, Tekufah Nisan, the Spring Equinox, arrives March 20. During that liminal, in-between week, many planetary events occur, setting the stage for the profound possibilities of resetting ourselves on various levels.

Mercury/Kochav enters Pisces/Dagim March 15, helping us to read unspoken truths between the lines. Sun and Venus/Noga sextile Pluto March 16-18 supports the use of personal power for the common good, and Mars sextiles Chiron, the wounded healer, on March 17, empowering bold truth-telling to release toxic secrets. A brave yet unstable new world is glimpsed as Mercury sextiles unstable Uranus/Oron and Venus enters courageous Aries/Taleh at the last quarter moon in Gemini/T’omim March 21. The full moon in Libra/Moznayim on Passover March 28 with Venus conjunct Chiron, followed by Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune/Rahav and the Sun conjunct Chiron March 28 makes the entire week of Passover one of deep empathy, wholehearted forgiveness and familial reconciliation. This is possible only if all parties are prepared to speak truth to power as modeled by this month’s tribal leader, Yehudah, and receive that truth with love as did Yosef, disguised as Pharoah’s prime minister.

Mars square to Neptune April 9 with Mercury conjunct Chiron is a make-it-or-break it day for personal credibility. What and whom you believe is tested and tempered by your most closely held values. The sextiles of Venus to Jupiter/Tzedek and Mercury to Saturn/Shabbatai April 10 resets our spiritual clocks in sync with glimmering glimpses of a shimmering hope on the horizon.

Aries / Taleh

Tekufah Nisan, the spring equinox, occurs this year on 10 Nisan, or March 20. This is the yahrzeit of Miriam the Prophetess, and her spiritual energy is especially available to you now. Mars/Ma’adim in Gemini/T’omim empowers your communicative abilities to the highest degree, but be careful to say what you mean and mean what you say, precisely and without ambiguity. Passover’s full moon in Libra/Moznayim with diplomatic, harmony-seeking Venus/Noga in Aries conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, March 28 creates ideal conditions for healing, reconciliation and generous forgiveness.

Taurus / Shor

Venus/Noga enters Aries/Taleh March 21, sparking remembrance of long-lost loves, but don’t linger over the past too long. The Sun/Venus conjunction March 26 powerfully illuminates your need for real life partnership that fits your current reality, not over-romanticized days gone by. Venus conjunct Chiron on Passover, March 28 during the full moon in Libra/Moznayim, opens the door to emotional healing through self-acceptance and enlarged understandings of your own vulnerability as well as that of others. Seek companionship when Venus sextiles Mars/Ma’adim April 6, supporting open-hearted communication between those who find common ground.

Gemini / T’omim

Mercury/Kochav in Pisces/Dagim March 15 signals multiple interpretations of information; it’s your job to keep facts in order and separate speculation from reality. Mercury sextiles Uranus/Oron March 21 and squares Mars/Ma’adim March 23; you’re tempted to use shocking facts to upset the status quo. Mercury’s conjunction to dreamy, imaginative Neptune/Rahav March 29 supports healing and reconciliation through profoundly personal disclosures. Mercury enters Aries/Taleh April 3, raising your profile with friends, your community and affinity groups. Mercury conjunct Chiron April 9 and sextile Saturn/Shabbatai April 10 invites vulnerable communications within safe structures.

Cancer / Sartan

Nisan comes on the heels of the new moon in Pisces/Dagim March 13, flavoring this month with an extra dose of compassion. First quarter moon in Gemini/T’omim March 21 with Mercury/Kochav sextile Uranus/Oron and Venus/Noga entering Aries/Taleh invites bold truth-telling, emotional transparency and sudden intimate revelations. The full moon in Libra/Moznayim on Passover March 28 with Venus conjunct Chiron supports all manner of forgiveness and reconciliation, especially in the realm of home and family. Last quarter moon in Capricorn April 4 ties up loose ends around partnership matters.

Leo / Aryeh

The Sun-Pluto sextile March 15 triggers a new level of emotional healing you need to properly grieve the losses of this past year. Sun enters Aries/Taleh at Tekufah Nisan, the spring equinox, on March 20 lifts you out of the doldrums and renews hope. Sun conjunct Venus/Noga March 28 emboldens your search for partnership; Sun conjunct Chiron March 29 and sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai March 31, creating safe space for emotionally vulnerable sharing, which doesn’t come easily for you, as you’re accustomed to being the strong one. Allow someone else do the heavy lifting right now.

Virgo / Betulah

Mercury/Kochav in Pisces/Dagim March 15-April 2 highlights how you differentiate between service and sacrifice. Mercury’s sextile to Uranus/Oron and square to Mars/Ma’adim March 23-31 signals abrupt reconfigurations and redefinitions around your career and professional identity. These changes have been a long time coming. Perhaps the power differential has shifted. Mercury’s sextile to Pluto and entrance into Aries/Taleh April 2-3 reveals the extent to which your new relationship with personal power is able to manifest. Mercury conjunct Chiron and sextile Saturn/Shabbatai April 9-10 safely supports sensitive confidences you share with others.

Libra / Moznayim

Venus/Noga enters bold, brave Aries/Taleh March 21, asking: Are you looking for a hero, or are you willing to be the hero of your own story? Full moon in Libra on Passover March 28 at the conjunction of Venus to Chiron encourages shared vulnerabilities, emotional processing around relationships, and the revelation of your deepest needs. You find safety and containment in creative romantic play, building trust on the foundation of deep intimacy which comes from revelatory truth-telling when Venus sextiles Saturn/Shabbatai March 30. Venus sextiles Mars/Ma’adim April 6, supporting strengthening of the mind-heart connection.

Scorpio / Akrav

The sextile of the Sun and Venus/Noga to Pluto March 16-18 supports transformative efforts in your immediate environment, creating a much-needed mood upgrade. Mercury/Kochav’s square to Mars/Ma’adim March 23 questions fairness and equity concerning resources you share with others, leading to an adjustment of these at Mercury’s sextile to Pluto April 3. All is fair in love and war at the Venus sextile to Mars April 6; the square of Mars to Neptune/Rahav April 9 challenges everything normally taken for granted and forces you to delineate between must-haves and expendables.

Sagittarius / Keshet

That mentally moribund feeling departs at Tekufah Nisan, the Spring Equinox, on March 20; by March 21 at the first quarter moon in Gemini/T’omim you’re starting to sprout original new ideas, and some will be identified as truly revolutionary by those whose opinions you value April 1-2. The full moon in Libra/Moznayim on Passover March 28 rekindles friendships and reconnects you to the people and things you love the most. The sextile of Venus/Noga to Jupiter/Tzedek April 10 has you feeling lucky enough to go big by readjusting the risk-reward ratio making adventure and travel-related plans for the coming months.

Capricorn / Gidi

Your role in the realm of home and family receives the respect it deserves at the full moon in Libra/Moznayim of Passover, March 28. Venus/Noga and the Sun both sextile Saturn/Shabbatai March 30-31, assisting you in diplomatically persuading those with whom you share an environment that beauty and sensibility can go hand in hand. Last quarter moon in Capricorn April 4 sees the conclusion of great efforts you’ve expended over the last year and their visible results. Mercury/Kochav sextiles Saturn April 10, which supports upgrades and improvements of every component in your communications toolbox.

Aquarius / D’li

Excitement flares when Mercury/Kochav sextiles Uranus/Oron March 21 at the last quarter moon in Gemini/T’omim, with the entrance of Venus/Noga into Aries/Taleh. It’s a huge wakeup call intended to alert you to the presence of helpful, supportive believers in your Big Dream who bring to the table resources and expertise you lack. The full moon in Libra/Moznayim on Passover March 28 enhances spiritual cognition; you’re feeling the Exodus from Egypt very personally this year. Leave behind your own personal Egypt and follow the pillars of smoke and fire for your personal Divine revelation April 5-7.

Pisces / Dagim

Mercury/Kochav in Pisces/Dagim March 15-April 3 opens those psychic channels you’re so adept at swimming though. You’re in tune with the universe and harmonious with your inner world during this time. Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune/Rahav March 29 inspires creative communications which can go a long way in sharing dreams and ideas in seed form with those who can support your creative vision. The intense square of Mars/Ma’adim to Neptune April 9 challenges you to move those ideas from the realm of thought into the world of action. Accept mentoring support April 10.

Lorelai Kude
Lorelai Kude

Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com.