Eli Wirtschafter with mother Diane (left) and father Josh (right) in "Another Seder on the Zoom." (Screenshot/YouTube)
Eli Wirtschafter with mother Diane (left) and father Josh (right) in "Another Seder on the Zoom." (Screenshot/YouTube)

‘Vaccinatiooooon!’ — East Bay family’s ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Covid parody gets a sequel

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Last year, we brought you word of “A Seder on the Zoom,” a Berkeley family’s hilarious pandemic parody music video to the tune of “Tradition” from “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Now the Schon Wirtschafter family is back with a follow-up, “Another Seder on the Zoom.” This time the refrain is “Vaccinatiooooon!” instead of “Separatiooooon!”

“If I had a vaccine,” sings Eli Wirtschafter, a KALW producer who lives in Los Angeles, at the beginning of the video, playing off Tevye’s “If I were a rich man.”

“Either Pfizer or a Johnson Johnson or a Moderna. I would settle for an AstraZeneca. Stick a needle in my arm!” His mother Diane dances in the background holding a laptop, on which brother Rafael appears remotely from his East Coast college, while father Josh fiddles.

Sister Marnina, who was away in Los Angeles for the first video, sweeps in with her boyfriend, Michael, as the medley shifts to another part of “Fiddler.”

“Your daughter and I are … vaccinated,” Michael tells Josh. “What? Without my permission?” Josh responds in mock alarm. Then, softening, “But you have my blessing.”

Diane then takes the spotlight, singing “Wonder of wonder, medical miracles!”

Later in the video, Eli’s girlfriend Daniela appears in a white lab coat as Eliyahu CDC (rhymes with Eliyahu HaNavi AKA Elijah the Prophet).

“A sequel was inevitable,” Eli told J. via speakerphone this morning while the entire family listened in over breakfast.

“Our parents emailed us as soon as Purim was over with a draft … We didn’t have as clear a single concept as we did last year, presenting pandemic family life in quarantine. But the idea of celebrating the vaccines was in the front at the beginning.”

The video has about 1,300 views on YouTube as of this posting. Last year’s video topped out at 155,000 on YouTube and tens of thousands more on Facebook.

David A.M. Wilensky
(Photo/Aaron Levy-Wolins)
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David A.M. Wilensky

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