Readers’ Choice 2021: Caterer/Kosher

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Hummus Bodega

(415) 874-1148  •

Both locations of Hummus Bodega, 5549 Geary Blvd. and 132 Sixth St., serve up delicious hummus and other Mideastern foods using organic, sustainable and locally grown products. Features hummus bowl creations starting with Israeli-class hummus as the base and builds on top with delicious toppings like garlic confit, Tel Aviv-style eggplant and amba. Or go with their already designed hummus combinations to fit your mood. Humshuka features shashuka (poached egg in tomato garlic sauce), Bodega Style has fresh veggies, and Forest Hummus is served with Jerusalem-style sautéed mushrooms and onion. Also falafel, salads and more! Certified kosher caterer/halal.



Epic Bites

(646) 853-4630  •

J. readers have spoken!  Epic Bites is a favorite caterer in Oakland. Delicious OU glatt kosher pastured meats are part of what sets Epic Bites apart. Preparing favorite American and Jewish classics with a gourmet touch and adhering to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment and sustainable agriculture. Weddings and other simchas are made all the more special with signature hummus, kishke and schnitzel, rib-eye and house-made pastrami. Dairy, meat, fish and vegetarian catering in a completely customized menu for your event.

Oakland Kosher Catering

(510) 839-0177 •

Oakland Kosher caters delish food, including Mediterranean, French and Far East cuisine, as well as good old Jewish deli. Offering full catering and service for your simchas, meetings and events, or you can simply buy beautifully prepared platters. The shop has expanded to 3,300 feet to accommodate a new hummus bar, which includes meat and vegetarian toppings. and the New York-style deli with more than 25 prepared salads. This is the go-to for many groups and families in the area for their catering needs.

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