an arm coming from out of frame holds up a microphone to a man who is pointing at a window
Shimon Yisrael points to where a gunman fired a bullet through his window in the neighborhood of Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, Jan. 28, 2023. (Photo/JTA-Orly Halpern)

In Jerusalem neighborhoods bound together by terror, anger and trepidation about what comes next

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Time stops on Shabbat in Jerusalem, for the living and the dead.

Up the stairs in an apartment on the main road in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in the city’s northeast, past hallway portraits of Sephardic rabbis, the Mizrahi family was not taking visitors on Saturday. “This is not the right time,” a woman who opened the apartment door said.

A Palestinian gunman gunned down Eli and Natali Mizrahi on Friday night. Now the couple was in a morgue awaiting burial. There are no Jewish funerals on Shabbat. They would be buried after nightfall.

The gunman killed seven people Friday night, in the worst terrorist attack in Jerusalem in over a decade.

Orly Halpern

JTA correspondent


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