One of many self-driving Cruise cars approved for use on the streets of San Francisco. (Photo/Courtesy Cruise)
One of many self-driving Cruise cars approved for use on the streets of San Francisco. (Photo/Courtesy Cruise)

All hail the Shabbos car; Jolly good British Jewish food; etc.

Jolly good Jewish food, mate

I was delighted to read the Faith Kramer recipe column on British Jewish food, which, like much British food, is much better than its reputation (“Start the New Year like a British Jew with fried cod gefilte fish and hard-cider apple cake,” Sept. 1).

I must insist, however, it’s “chopped and fried fish,” not “fried gefilte fish” — there’s no stuffing involved. But you can substitute desiccated coconut for matzah meal, if desired.

Robin Morris
Palo Alto

All hail the Shabbos car

What a great idea — a Shabbos car! (“Are self-driving cars kosher? S.F. rabbis weigh in as robotaxis flood the city’s streets,” Aug. 23).

It always breaks my heart when some regular at shul can no longer come on Shabbat because he or she is shomer Shabbos (strictly follows the rabbinic laws around Shabbat) and is unable, due to health or age, to walk from home to shul.

Maybe one day soon they will be able to take a self-driving car. What a blessing! I knew these things had to have a silver lining.

Alan Titus
San Francisco

Israeli grants that obfuscate?

I find it very hypocritical that the Israeli Consulate is awarding funds to Oakland organizations to foster a “meaningful relationship” between California and Israel, considering the deprivation that Israel has forced upon its Palestinian residents and citizens (“Israeli consulate grants $10,000 to youth-focused nonprofits in Oakland,” online Sept. 7).

Is this kind of donation supposed to erase the shame and cruelty Israel is now engaged in? I was raised an ardent Zionist, who can no longer have any acceptance of the idea.

Judith Schonebaum

Stay alert on Goyim Defense League

Thank you for supporting Gabe Stutman’s ongoing investigations into the Goyim Defense League hate group, their propaganda arm, Goyim TV, and their leader, Jon Minadeo II (“Professor’s investigation links Chico man to antisemitic flyer drops and social media posts,” June 29).

As Mr. Stutman continues to demonstrate, GDL has been uniquely effective in disseminating antisemitic and racist propaganda, building a following, and inciting antisemitic harassment and violence via their provocative flyers and stunts.

And GDL only becomes more brazen — sharing videos of Minadeo and others verbally abusing Jews via bullhorns, dressing up as cowering observant Jews and having someone chase them, projecting hateful symbols on buildings, and disseminating a photo of Minadeo holding a vulgar antisemitic sign at Auschwitz.

Mr. Stutman has shown that Minadeo now openly recruits children via programming on their channel. And GDL has already succeeded in inciting antisemitic violence — the shooter of worshippers in Los Angeles walking from shul shared GDL flyers with his fellow dental students.

The GDL’s legal political savvy is visible in flyers that skirt First Amendment limits, though Stutman has shown that some states are enacting stiff anti-littering ordinances to penalize their activities.

GDL offers a primer in 21st-century antisemitism — medieval dehumanizations, defamations and demonizations freshly packaged and cunningly delivered. That GDL is free to abuse Jews up close with bullhorns makes Jews appear weak, while GDL looks powerful and untouchable — suggesting to GDL followers that GDL is powerful because their hateful ideas are unassailable.

How do we deal with hate groups like GDL? Do we refute their slurs? To deny that “every aspect of Covid” is Jewish is to fall into a rhetorical trap.

I look forward to reading more from Mr. Stutman on these topics.

Jo Perry
Studio City

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