Readers’ Choice 2019

Readers' Choice 2019

Before the days of Facebook likes and five-star Yelp reviews, there was J. — asking our readers what they appreciated about the Jewish community (and community at large) in the Bay Area. While the categories have expanded and changed over the 15 years that we’ve been asking what you like and love about the creative and innovative community we call home, the desire for your feedback is endless.

And the quality of your choices is also constant. What an embarrassment of riches among this year’s winners of J. Readers’ Choice! Some of your votes were cast for favorites that have won every single year since we started, but there are also exciting new initiates who have joined the winners’ circle.

Making a debut this year is the category of Jewish Preschools, one that many new parents and grandparents will find compelling. A few standouts were chosen in two or even three Readers’ Choice categories: Afikomen in Berkeley was selected for both Books and Judaica, and the JCCSF was selected for Favorite Venue, Favorite Health Club and Favorite Preschool.

A few superstars have topped your list of favorites since our first Readers’ Choice, like Mollie Stone’s in the Specialty/Gourmet Market category.  And a few winners are enjoying an 11-year streak, like Barbara Moser as Favorite Attorney in San Francisco and Tanya Manyak, Favorite Dentist in the South Bay.

Kudos to all of the winners, and to our readers who took the time to vote for them!  Consider this your own concierge service — there are definitely shops and restaurants that you’ll want to visit, and professional services that you might need.

Happy exploring!


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