San Francisco

Bais Menachem Yeshiva Day School

Bais Menachem Yeshiva Day School 834 28th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 636-9770 [email protected]
Judaic studies Rabbi Gedalia Potash (415) 636-9770 [email protected]
General studies Mrs. Chani Zarchi (415) 636-9770 [email protected]

Dual curriculum program serving grades K to 8. Rigorous, dual curriculum of Judaic and general studies. This is the only WASC-accredited Orthodox Jewish day school in the city of San Francisco serving the community; located in the Richmond District.

At Bais Menachem, students develop a deep love of learning in both general and Judaic studies. Dedicated teachers and welcoming community help to provide a nurturing, challenging environment. Encourages all students to reach their full potential, and become self-confident, responsible citizens with a strong connection to their Judaism and their community.