Bay Area

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action California

(212) 213-2113 x 602 [email protected]
Associate Organizing Director Kayla Glick (212) 213-2113 x602 [email protected]

A movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews all across the country, with a strong base in the Bay Area and in the South Bay. On the local level, working on state, local and federal policies to advance the BREATHE Act platform, identifying electoral priorities and training new fellows and stakeholders.

The two-year strategies: Transforming into an antiracist, pro-Black, multiracial organization. Training progressive Jewish leaders to dismantle white supremacy and support Black liberation. Fighting antisemitism in a solidarity frame. Directing Jewish electoral energy and resources toward protecting Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and following the lead of BIPOC movement partners, all in partnership with Jewish and non-Jewish organizations.