East Bay

Beyt Tikkun: The Synagogue of Spiritual Transformation and Social Healing

951 Cragmont Ave. Berkeley, CA 94708
(510) 644-1200 [email protected] beyttikkun.org
Rabbi Michael Lerner

Don’t believe in God as “big man in heaven,” yet want an authentic Jewish spiritual experience, not New Agey or intellectually flabby? This community is welcoming to atheists and secular humanists as well as people deeply committed to their own vision of God. Want a community that is interested in fundamental transformation of our economic and political system? Want a place where Israel is appreciated, but not worshipped, and hence a congregation that is open to strong criticism of its treatment of Palestinians, refugees and non-Orthodox strands of Judaism? Yet in all this, remaining rooted in Torah and Jewish tradition and love for the Jewish people, equally affirming a love for the Earth and our love and caring for the wellbeing of everyone (not just Jews).

Creating a safe space to find one’s own spiritual connection to God or Goddess or the spiritual reality of the universe. An egalitarian, politically progressive, neo-Hasidic Jewish Renewal synagogue that welcomes singles, traditional families, LGBTQ, and interfaith couples and families. Services are in both Hebrew and English. Following traditional structure of the prayers, yet with plenty of English, plus innovative prayers and guided visualizations, singing and dancing, and meditation.