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Building Bridges Together

Building Bridges Together 405 El Camino Real Suite 433 Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 580-8273 [email protected]
President, CEO, & Co-founder Robert Frankle (650) 495-6780 [email protected]
Chairman, COO & Co-founder Diane Frankle

A nonprofit organization offering easily implementable interfaith dialogue programming for Jewish, Christian and/or Muslim faith communities. The five-session Interfaith Bridges™ program includes dinner and facilitated discussions. These lay-led programs enhance understanding and create meaningful relationships among participants. Synagogues and other sponsoring faith organizations can use the Interfaith Bridges program to promote interfaith dialogue and build relationships between their members and neighboring faith communities of one or both of the other faith traditions. Typically, 24 participants in roughly equal numbers from the two or three sponsoring faith communities come together for five 3-hour sessions including a shared meal, a video presentation and facilitated small group discussion on the sessions’ themes, such as holidays, symbols  and scripture. Participants share their personal beliefs and religious practices or traditions.

The program is lay-led by two facilitators from each participating faith community. Building Bridges Together provides the resources for the program, including a facilitators’ guide for planning and implementing the program, video presentations, and planning and communications templates and tools. Consulting and training are available. Facilitators plan and implement the program, facilitate the discussions, and coordinate program logistics with their respective faith communities. Participants share their experiences relevant to the theme and learn about people of other faiths. A primary goal of the program is to develop ongoing relationships among the participants. Such relationships lead to greater understanding, cooperation, and caring among these faith communities and contribute to healing the world.