East Bay

Building Jewish Bridges: Embracing Interfaith Families

Building Jewish Bridges 2808 Summit St. Oakland, CA 94609
(510 ) 679-0209 [email protected] buildingjewishbridges.org
Director Dawn Kepler (510) 679-0209 [email protected]

Welcoming interfaith and intercultural families. Offering workshops, lectures and panel discussions to explore interfaith and intercultural issues. Individualized support and guidance for couples with questions about compromising in an interfaith relationship. Spiritual, but not religious? Agnostic or atheist? All are welcome. Negotiating couples’ issues, raising children, finding a community, and making friends are all part of creating a successful interfaith, multi-ethnic and, sometimes, multiracial home.

Also assists adults who grew up in interfaith homes and may not have had a Jewish education, and offers an opportunity to explore Judaism and meet others who have similar backgrounds and questions. Still negotiating intra-family dynamics? Join other young adults who are on the same path of self-discovery.

A bimonthly email offers events and resources of interest to members of interfaith families.