Jewish Baby Network, JFCS

Jewish Baby Network Palo Alto, CA
(650) 275-2215 [email protected]
Director Carol Booth (650) 275-2215 [email protected]
SF/Marin Program Manager Alyssa Zagorie [email protected]

Jewish Baby Network Bay Area serves the Peninsula, San Francisco, Marin, and East Bay Regions. Support expecting parents and families with pre preschool little ones. Everyone is welcome, including unaffiliated, single and multi parent, multi faith, multi ethnic, multi abled, and LGBTQ families. Connect families to one another and to their local Jewish communities through programs, introductions, and resources. Offering free Jewish holiday celebrations , Shabbat programs, and play groups that are baby-friendly and fun for the whole family. Also host Jewish Birth Prep Workshops and Newborn Playgroups for expecting and new parents and provide an online community and website with many  resources. Shalom Baby Bags with lots of gifts and useful items are provided to families with newborns. During the pandemic, all programs are free and online.