Kehillah Jewish High School

Kehillah Jewish High School 3900 Fabian Way Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 213-9600 Fax: (650) 213-9601 [email protected]
Head of School Daisy Pellant, Ph.D. [email protected]
Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management David Weiner, Ed.D

This school is distinguished by a dynamic, college-preparatory academic program and a supportive environment that emphasizes innovation, dialogue and engagement. Students embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by a community of passionate educators. Teachers are widely recognized for mastery in the subjects they teach, infusing their lessons with opportunities for students to explore the relevance of their learning to the contemporary world. School provides a robust curriculum in computer science, engineering, the humanities, mathematics, sciences, visual and performing arts, Jewish studies and world languages. The school community reflects the diversity of contemporary American society and welcomes not only those who self-identify as Jewish, but also anyone open to the role of Jewish wisdom and values in the pursuit of a more just and compassionate world. Students graduate with the knowledge, values and community to create extraordinary futures.