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President and Co-founder Lisa Braver Moss (510) 693-6677 [email protected]

A nonprofit whose mission is to spark Jewish engagement and to foster welcoming spaces for non-circumcising Jews.

Those who don’t support/observe the circumcision tradition often shy away from Jewish involvement, either because they assume they aren’t welcome, or because of lived experiences such as being denied bar mitzvah.

Bruchim encourages Jewish institutions to openly offer birth ceremonies for non-circumcising families and to welcome them as equals. Bruchim provides non-circumcising Jews with abundant resources, including: a searchable directory of welcoming synagogues and other institutions; affinity group gatherings; text studies and original scholarship on Jewish circumcision; research on how current attitudes about circumcision are affecting Jewish involvement; ceremonies for non-circumcising families; and a free concierge service.

Bruchim works to ensure that non-circumcising Jews stay actively connected to Jewish life. Bruchim consults with Jewish organizations and engages with Jewish leadership across denominations.

The organization’s rabbinic advisory council is composed of Conservative, Humanist, Reconstructionist and Reform rabbis. The founding board has more than 60 combined years of active engagement with this issue.