San Francisco

Or Shalom Jewish Community

Or Shalom Jewish Community 333 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 469-5542 [email protected]
Executive Director Amy Mallor

San Francisco’s first and only Reconstructionist congregation. Reconstructionist Jews approach Judaism—and life—with deep consideration of the past and a passion to relate it to the ever-evolving present, experimenting tirelessly with ideas, practices, and institutions.

Or Shalom is a joyous, music-loving congregation, starting and finishing most meetings, services and classes with melodies or song.

In a very complicated, rapidly changing world, this congregation empowers our community to grow spiritually through prayer, music, art, food, reading, studying, volunteering and social action. It warmly welcomes all walks of life, Jewish, non-Jewish, and “it’s complicated;” straight, LGBTQ+, asexual, and “it’s complicated;” single, married, and non-traditional family structures.

Founded 33 years ago as a place where people could share their Jewish heritage with their children in a nonjudgmental, egalitarian context, this is a learning community for the young and old, committed to listening, questioning, reflecting.