The Karaite Jews of America

The Karaite Jews of America – KJA Congregation B’nai Israel 1575 Annie St. Daly City, CA 94915
(650) 994-9757 [email protected]
Acting Rav Joseph Massuda
President David Ovadia

The only Karaite Jewish synagogue in the United States, representing roughly 400 families in the San Francisco Bay Area, virtually all of whom have their roots in Cairo, Egypt, which experienced a “second exodus” beginning after the 1948 founding of the State of Israel. They settled primarily in Israel (about 40,000 individuals) and in the United States.

With the establishment of the national Karaite Jewish Cultural Center as a component of the synagogue’s current renovation and expansion initiative, the synagogue provides advocacy and learning resources for Karaite Jews throughout the United States. Karaite Judaism adheres to the Torah, accepting the teachings of the Talmud only when they do not conflict with the primary source of the Torah.