East Bay


National headquarters 1111 Broadway, 3rd floor Oakland, CA 94607
(415) 536-5918, x1 [email protected] upstartlab.org
Director Dalia Caplan [email protected]


Jewish communities are thriving hubs of innovation, creating a more just, vibrant and inclusive future. The goal is to implement these innovations by inspiring and empowering leaders.


Empathy: Tap into the hearts and minds of those served, inspiring breakthrough solutions rooted in the needs of community.
Optimism: View the world through the frame of possibility, transforming challenges into opportunities to create a better path forward.
Collaboration: Imagine together. Believe that the collective wisdom, vision and hard work of network will lead to a thriving Jewish future.
Risk-taking: Take bold, intentional risks, encourage experimentation, and embrace failure as a learning opportunity.