Seven Bay Area Jewish groups accept auto donations

*Jewish Community Federation Endowment Fund, based in San Francisco. Will take vehicles as part of its material donations program. But hasn't accepted any for several years, partly because potential donors are referred directly to Jewish Family and Children's Services. (415) 777-0411.

*Jewish Educational Center, based in San Francisco. Accepts any auto, motorcycle, RV or boat, regardless of condition. About half the vehicles go to emigres from former Soviet Union and other needy families. The rest of the cars are auctioned off, with revenue subsidizing business costs and some student scholarships. JEC won't release specific number of donations, but would estimate it has received a couple of thousand vehicles since radio advertising began in December 1993. Has a waiting list for emigres wanting cars. (800) 838-8880.

*Jewish Family and Children's Services, based in San Francisco. Accepts cars for emigres from former Soviet Union, as well as for the needy or sick. Received 24 cars in 1994, and 36 cars by mid-1995. Currently has eight- to nine-month waiting list. Cars cannot require more than $500 worth of repairs. (415) 202-7489.

*Jewish Family and Children's Services of the Greater East Bay. Accepts cars for emigres. Received 34 in 1994, and 35 by mid-1995. Has a waiting list. Cars cannot have major mechanical problems. (510) 704-7475.

*Jewish Family Service of Santa Clara County. Accepts cars for emigres. Received 52 cars in 1994, and 12 cars by mid-1995. Has a waiting list. Cars must be in working condition. (408) 356-7576.