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75 years ago: Feb. 25, 1921

Mortimer Fleishhacker, banker and leader in local Jewish affairs, has been proposed as a member of a commission of 25 to survey conditions of Jewish populations in Europe.

50 years ago: Feb. 22, 1946

Three thousand San Franciscans, both Jews and non-Jews, demand the opening of Palestine to Jews at a War Memorial Opera House rally in San Francisco.

25 years ago: Feb. 26, 1971

Replying to an Egyptian peace proposal offered through United Nations mediator Gunnar Jarring, Israel refuses to withdraw from Arab territories it has occupied since 1967 Six Day War.

10 years ago:Feb. 28, 1986

Soviet Jewish dissident Yelena Bonner visits San Francisco. She is the wife of Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov, exiled by Soviets in 1980 for human rights activities.