Tilson Thomas to be honored at Jerusalem 3000 fete

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Capping 21 years of guest appearances with the San Francisco Symphony, Tilson Thomas, a native Californian, has taken up the baton as the symphony's musical director.

Honored as 1995 Conductor of the Year by Musical America, Tilson Thomas has led virtually every major ensemble in the world.

"I can promise you programs created to be thought provoking and fun," said Tilson Thomas, "programs that contain three essential elements: each concert experience must be entertaining, it must be challenging, and it should also be reaffirming."

Tilson Thomas' long-time dream is to prepare a history of the Yiddish theater in America, drawing from the paper of his grandparents, the Thomashevskys, who were accomplished stars in their own time.

The Golda Meir Club was established in 1978 as a tribute to Golda Meir, Israel's former Prime Minister and a founder of Israel Bonds. It recognizes women who purchase a minimum of $5,000 annually.

Membership in the club entitles women to attend all Israel Bonds' Women's Division functions through the year. Additionally, this event serves as a bonding for mothers and daughters in recognition of Israel Bonds' generation to generation theme.

Myra Aranoff and Gwen Gans are Golda Meir Club chairwomen. Couvert is $50 per person (includes performance ticket).

To commemorate and attend Jerusalem 3000, the minimum purchase is a $3,000 Israel bond purchase in 1996 (rather than the usual $5,000 minimum). For reservations, call (415) 781-3213, or (800) 752-5657.