The Bulletin Back Then 100 years ago

75 years ago June 3, 1921

A member of the Chamber of Deputies in Salonica, Greece, blames the Jews for the disappearance of a Christian baby, saying the Jews used the child for ritual purposes.

50 years ago

May 31, 1946

A blue cross along with the letters "KKK" are scribbled on the front of Temple Beth Sholom in San Francisco in broad daylight. Police attribute desecration to anti-Semitic vandals.

25 years ago

June 4, 1971

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine threatens to kidnap Israeli diplomats as ransom to get back their terrorists allegedly imprisoned by Israel, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reports.

10 years ago June 6, 1986

Twenty women rabbis are ordained by the Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative movements, bringing the number of American women rabbis to 130.