Kosher butcher allegedly placed bomb at Peres speech

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Local and federal officials refused to say which agencies searched the synagogue after the 911 call, why the pipe bomb was not found, and why it did not detonate, the Times reported.

As of Tuesday, it could not be confirmed whether Peres' own security or State Department officers searched the building in response to the 911 call.

Officials are still uncertain as to how powerful the bomb was and what risk it posed to Peres and audience members. It was planted behind a memorial wall in the synagogue, about 40 feet from the podium where Peres spoke.

A police report states only that Shapiro "placed a destructive device in the Jacksonville Jewish Center with the intent to disrupt the speech of Shimon Peres" and that he "made and placed the device himself," the Times reported.

Several audience members said there were no metal detector or baggage searches at the event. However, several Israeli security agents positioned themselves around Peres.

Shapiro was arrested after Rabbi Avraham Kelman of Orthodox Congregation Etz Chaim informed authorities that Shapiro had told him "of his action and his intent to disrupt the speech," according to a police report.

In addition, witnesses have identified Shapiro's voice as that on a recording of the 911 call. The caller identified himself as "the American fringe of Islamic Jihad" and said that two bombs were planted in the synagogue, the Times reported.

Shapiro is charged with felony counts of placing a destructive device and making a threat to place a bomb.

He has been described as a deeply religious man who closed his butcher shop following financial troubles and moved to New York to pursue rabbinical studies. He returned to Jacksonville last November.