Israel trade boosts state job market

Figures released by the California Trade and Commerce Agency show California exports grew 8.2 percent in 1996 to $104.5 billion, which supports 1.5 million jobs. The state's seven overseas offices accounted for a total of close to $171 million and approximately 2,000 jobs.

"Since its inception, the Israel office has been California's most cost-effective and productive per dollar invested," Wilson said in lauding its achievements at the 1996 annual board meeting of the California-Israel Exchange (CIX) held in Sacramento.

Chaired by Intel CEO Gordon Moore and Sun World President Howard Marguleas, CIX was created by the governor in 1991 as a public-private partnership to promote trade and tourism between California and Israel.

In 1993, Wilson officially launched the Jerusalem office — California's sixth overseas trade office — directed by Sherwin Pomerantz. The office fields 30 to 60 new trade inquiries each month. In addition to Israel, California has overseas trade offices in Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Hong Kong, Indonesia, England, Germany and South Africa.